Workshops and Programs

Want to learn practical bike repair and maintenance skills in a friendly environment? Eager to contribute to a more socially accessible and environmentally sustainable city? Sign up your school or business for one of our fun and interactive workshops or programs!

Team Building Days

While learning new skills and having fun with your colleagues you will also be contributing to a genuine purpose. Every bike built is a bike kept from landfill, refurbished, and made ready for donation to refugees, asylum seekers or others in need, providing them with access to transportation, independence and an opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing…that’s pretty special!

Teams must roll up their sleeves, get on the tools and work collaboratively to get some life changing bikes ready to roll.

Team Building Days at the Community Bike Hub serve to drive participants to work together, overcome obstacles, and empower them with practical knowledge to take back home with them, all while changing others lives…. That’s pretty special!

Read more on our Team Building Days page.

Education Program

The Community Bike Hub engages students in being proactive members of the circular economy.  As soon as students enter the workshop, it is all hands-on action! Tools, parts, and bikes come together as students explore a ‘new world’ of mechanics,  sustainability and community. By producing tangible outcomes that have ‘real world’ impacts such as decreasing landfill and improving access to bicycles for people, each and every student at the Bike Hub is given the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Through our work with Footscray High School we have helped middle years secondary school students develop practical skills in bike repairs, recycling and maintenance. Last financial year (2022-2023) 312 students from Footscray High completed our education program and helped repair and refurbish hundreds of bikes.

Find out how we can facilitate an education program at your school by downloading our presentation or visit our Education Program page for information about one-off workshops.

Photo of photo wall at Community Bike Hub