Get involved

The Volunteer Hub’s mission is to keep bicycles from landfill and provide refugees and others in need with bikes and equipment needed for safe cycling.

The second-hand bikes that are donated by community members are fixed by volunteers and given to people in need.

Each year we keep over 1500 bicycles from landfill (equivalent to 11800KG), with over 400 per year going to those in need, referred by our community partners AMESAsylum Seeker Resource CentreRefugee Migrant Children’s Centre and Brimbank Council.

Become a volunteer

It’s easy to become a volunteer with us. You don’t need any experience. Simply contact us at and we can arrange for you to come in for your first session!

A girl adjusting the disc brakes on her bike
a range of bikes that have been donated to the Community Bike Hub

Donate unwanted bikes and parts

If you have recently upgraded a bike, have an unused bike lying around or spare parts you no longer need, drop them off at the Inner West Community Bike Hub.

Your donated bikes and parts will be repurposed and donated to people in need.

How else can I support?

If you are a business that wants to help out, don’t have a bicycle to donate or can’t volunteer but still want to see how you can support our mission, simply reach out to to see how we can work together

Three kids standing out the front of the Volunteer Hub

From Collection and Connection to Donation and Impact, the Community Bike Hub makes a real impact by saving bikes from landfill and refurbishing them for donation.

This video was produced by Pixel3 Video Productions in Melbourne.