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Senior Bike Mechanic

Michael is a seasoned bike mechanic with his career in the industry spanning over 20-years. Originally from Uruguay, Michael was lucky to be introduced to the cycling world at a very young age by his dad who was a professional cyclist.

He’s got a deep appreciation for all types of bikes – from dragsters to classic road bikes and everything in between. Next time you’re down at the bike hub, ask him about his immaculate collection of bikes.

Michael standing with one of his many bikes
Person standing in front of inner west community bike hub in the workshop ready to help


Education Program Facilitator

AJ (He/Him) comes from a professional background in community services and is passionate about young people and riding bikes. Originally from New Zealand (“a long time ago”) AJ has been a keen cyclist since about age 5 when he got his first bright yellow dragster style kids bike and continues to love the freedom and physicality of bike riding, along with the connection to nature.


Volunteer Coordinator

Over the years Colin has gained an appreciation of what the humble bicycle has to offer. He has 10 years of experience volunteering at the Bike Shed at Ceres Environmental Park in Brunswick  as a ‘Bike technician’ and more recently in a supervisory role as Volunteer Coordinator at the Community Bike Hub in Footscray. Over that time he has refurbished bikes ranging from children’s bikes to commuters and tourers, through to carbon road bikes.
Always keen to turn a wrench, or allen key, when it comes to mechanical components he gains a lot of satisfaction from working with his hands and understanding customers bicycling needs to match them with a suitable refurbished bike.
“I am passionate about advancing what the circular economy can offer a large and vibrant city such as Melbourne; building sustainable communities that invigorate all our lives. I personally gain much pleasure in cycling daily, and in the process reigniting contact with our environment and shared community. I strongly believe that supporting volunteering and community partners, such as the community Bike Hub Reground, are critical to building sustainable communities.”
Community Bike Hub - photo of Colin cropped
Max, a mechanic at the Inner West Bike Hub standing with his bike


Bike Mechanic

Max is one of the Inner West Bike Hub’s newest recruits. Like James, he started his journey with is as a volunteer.

His interest in cycling was sparked when a friend introduced him to track cycling. And it wasn’t long before his interests expanded to bikepacking and mountain biking.

Outside of work, Max is a talented musician – studying it at university. He plays the drums and has a soft spot for jazz.


Workshop Instructor

You can find Dom down on the Surf Coast working closely with young people to spark their curiosity in the cycling world and helping them build their practical skills.

With over ten years of experience teaching, he’s designed lessons-based competency plans and developed engaging bike education programs. You might know him from the Full Cycle program, an engaging bike education repair and recycle program at Point Cook College.

And naturally, like all his colleagues his passion for cycling spans from road riding to mountain biking, bikepacking and driving a sustainable future for young people.

Community Bike Hub 5


Bike Mechanic

Like most employees, James also started his journey with us as a volunteer – way back in 2018. Not too long after, he joined the team on an official basis – as a bike mechanic. And now manages the Inner West Bike Hub.

Outside of work James has an immense passion for bikepacking. If he’s not at the Bike Hub, he’s traversing around all corners of Australia. He has previously completed the Victoria Divide 500, a 570km bikepacking race in just over 3 days.  Ask him about his top rides next time you are down at the Community Bike Hub.


Senior Bike Mechanic

Gerry is an experienced and respected bike mechanic who has worked at the Community Bike Hub for many years.

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