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Community Bike Volunteers

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The Community Bike Volunteers’ mission is to provide refugees and others in need with bicycles, and the equipment needed for safe cycling.

We receive second hand bikes donated by community members, fix them up, and then give them to refugees and other people in need. Bicycles can help people to get around, giving them increased access to the community, as well as providing a rewarding leisure activity.

Over the last five years Community Bike Shed has provided over 650 bike to refugees and others in our community via our partnerships with the AMES, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Refugee Migrant Children’s Centre and Brimbank Council

a group of young women on bikes in front of the bike hub

Learn how to repair bikes while contributing to a good cause! Community bike volunteers repair donated bicycles and give them to refugees and asylum seekers around Melbourne. New volunteers are always welcome. No experience is required, only a desire to learn and do your best. Volunteers will primarily be working on donated bikes with the assistance of the volunteer coordinator and experienced volunteers. There may be a small window of time to work on your own bike as well.

The program runs –

Tuesday 5.00pm – 8.00pm AND Saturday 10.00am – 3.00pm

For more info email at volunteer@communitybikehub.com.au or just drop in to 11 Mill Close Footscray (next door to VU)