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Repairs and Servicing

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Repairs & Servicing

The Community Bike Hub repairs and servicing workshop is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Bikes can also be dropped off and picked up in weekends. We offer affordable bike servicing and repairs by experienced bike mechanics in our newly built workshop.

Service prices start from $75

To arrange a repair or service please give us a call on 0480 158 569, send us an email info@communitybikehub.com.au or come and see us at the hub.

Our team of bike experts – Gerry, Glen, James and Joe – will gladly help you with your requirements, but as a guide here are details of the common servicing and repair costs…


Common Repairs & Labour Charges

  • Puncture Repair (including tube): from $20
  • Tyre Removal/Installation: from $10
  • Brake pad installation: $10-$15/end (pads not included)
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed: (per end including fluid) $25-$35
  • Inner Brake or Gear Cable Replacement (including cable): from $15
  • Basic Spoke Replacement & Wheel True: $25 ( plus cost of spoke)
  • Bike Assembly (from box): $80
  • Bike Wash & degrease: $50
  • Baby seat /Bike Rack/ Mud Guard installation: $30-$50
  • Handlebar Tape installation: $15 (bar tape not included)

NOTE: Parts are not included in service prices. We’re able to offer new or second-hand replacement parts (where available), which can make repairs significantly cheaper.